We are an Agri Bio-tech Company!

  • Apiculture

    "Honey bees play a vital role in the global food supply, Pollinating one of every three bites of food consumed,"

  • Bio-Technology

    Quality plants give quality produce, which fetches premium price in the market.

  • Crop Care

    Increasing demand of food grains and declining farmlands have increased pressure on farm yield improvement.

  • Overseas Activity

    Sharing borders with 8 countries and the Indian Ocean on the East, the United Republic of Tanzania is a very diverse country in Eastern Africa.

Welcome to

ProSeed India Ltd.

[Formerly we are Green Fire Agri Commodities Limited.]

ProSeed India Ltd (PIL) is a leading Agri Bio Technology company having its headquarters at Hyderabad, Telangana (India). ProSeed is an Indian enterprise with core competencies in the field of Agri-Biotechnology nurturing farming community for increasing yield potential of the crops.

ProSeed India Limited utilizes the novel technologies to deliver high quality products to serve the farming community thus bringing prosperity to them.

PIL combines Fusion of technology and tradition for advancement in Indian Agriculture.